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JS The Classic Hotel

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힐링을 위한 공간, 호텔에서 느끼는 초록 자연과의 휴식을 모티브로하여 안락함과 편안함을 추구하고 JS의 독특한 디자인 건축을 고객분들께 전달하고 합니다.

[디자인 설계]

클래식한 고벽돌로 설계된 외관과 로비, 글램핑을 호텔에서 즐기다, 상상 이상의 일상의 일탈이 되어줄 글램핑 가든룸, 경험하지 못한 새로운 컨셉의 대나무숲 자작나무숲 초록 가든룸, 모던한 가구들과 디자이너 조명, 히노끼욕조와 디자인 욕조들, 친환경적 소재의 다양한 페브릭 디자인으로 건축 설계되었습니다.

[동탄 삼성전자에 위치]

동탄 IC 입구에 위치해 있으며, 삼성전자 화성사업장H2 도보 2분, 기흥사업장 K1 K2, 도보 10분 거리에 가깝게 위치해있습니다.
성공적인 비즈니스를 위해 전 객실 Wifi 무료 서비스, 조식서비스, 세탁 서비스가 제공됩니다.

JS The Classic Hotel 임직원 일동

JS The Classic Hotel

Welcome to our JS The Classic Hotel.

The new trend of a boutique hotel, Leader JS

JS Group’s second hotel, [JS The Classic Hotel] has newly opened in pursuit of new attempts and diversity. We’d like to provide you with a cozy and comfortable rest, presenting a space for healing and allowing you to rest in the greeneries at our hotel as our motif and show our unique design and construction designed only for you.


Its façade and lobby are designed with classic and antique bricks. Enjoy glamping at our hotel, Glamping Garden Room, a detract from your daily life, which is more than you can imagine, With Bamboo & Birch Tree Forest Green Garden Room you’ve never experienced, this hotel is designed with modern furniture, designer lighting, hinoki and designed baths and various kinds of fabrics from eco-friendly materials.

[Location in Dongtan Samsung Electronics]

It is located at the entrance of Dongtan Interchange, and is a 2 minutes walk from Hwaseong H2 of Samsung Electronics and 10 minutes walk from K1 K2 of Samsung Electronics. Free wifi, breakfast and laundry service are provided for your successful business.

Executives and Staff Members of JS The Classic Hotel

JS The Classic Hotel

JS The Classic Hotelへお越しくださって、

ブティックホテルのトレンド リーダー、ジェー・エス

新しい試みやバラエティーをもとめるJSグループの2番目のホテル、「JSザ・クラシックホテル」が新しくオープンすることになりました。 ヒーリングのための空間、ホテルで感じるみどりの自然との休みをモチーフにした安らかと気楽さを追い求め、JSだけのユニークなデザインをお客様にお伝えしようとおもっております。


クラシックな古れんが設計の見かけやロビー、 ホテルで楽しむグランピング、日常からの逸脱になってくれる想像以上のグランピング・ガーデンルーム、体験したことのない新しいコンセプトのシラカバや竹やぶでかざったみどりのガーデンルーム、モダンチクな家具やデザイナー照明、ヒノキ風呂やデザイン風呂、環境にやさしい素材のさまざまなファブリックデザインで建築・設計しております。


ドンタンICの入り口に位置しており、サンスン電子の華城(ファソン)事業場H2から徒歩2分、器興(キフン)事業場K1K2から徒歩10分ほどかかる近いところに位置しております。 成功的なビジネスのため、全客室にWiFi無料サービス、朝食サービス、洗濯サービスを提供いたしております。

JS The Classic Hotel 任・職員一同


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E-MAIL   theclassicjs@naver.com



LOCATION경기도 화성시 큰재봉길 31-7
31-7, Keunjaebong-gil, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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